2-Names Framed with triple-mat and frame; Guests signed on mat at the wedding.

Guests can sign the mat at the wedding:

Sample is shown: "Tom + Lisa" framed with a 16x16 triple mat that can hold up to 300 signatures:

The triple mat is highly recommended; it shows the best. You may also choose double mat  which will not have the inner mat as the purple part shown in this sample; it will be just white. Call or text to the artist to let him explain this to you. 704-574-1815

Please notice: this sample shows a triple mat; that is a double mat placed on the top of a single mat ---- white over teal over purple. The inner mat is purple and this inner mat can be changed to teal or maroon or black, and the outside double mat has 2 choices: white over teal or white over maroon. This wedding mat has a choice of 16x16 or 16x20 sizes. however, if you want us to frame it, we will frame it only with a 16x16 frame for the best look.

(Notice: To purchase any gift item listed on this website, you need first to contact the artist via email or texting. danielnie@aol.com, 704-574-1815)



Please contact the artist Daniel Nie. Thank you for your support.

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